Rx Pads, Rx Paper & Custom Tamper Resistant Prescription Pads

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As a leading provider of tamper resistant Rx prescription pads and prescription paper, we at National Rx Security supply physicians with confidence and security in writing prescriptions.


  • Tamper resistant Rx pads and secure prescription paper for your printer (EMR paper)
  • Various quantities to suit your professional requirements at competitive prices
  • Single sheet or two-part, carbonless copy secure prescription pads
  • Quantities ranging from 400 scripts to 10,000 scripts for most states (Higher quantities available upon request)
  • HologramRx secure Rx scripts with the added security feature of a hologram
  • Custom prescription pads to meet your layout needs with options for vertical or horizontal format, multiple addresses, multiple physicians, and custom design*
  • Rx pads and Rx paper with several security features that meet and exceed federal and state requirements for tamper resistant prescriptions for Medicare and Medicaid**
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Order Online Now

Ordering tamper resistant Rx prescription pads and prescription paper from National Rx is fast and easy. Once we receive your Rx pad or prescription paper order, we ship it to you in 24-48 hours by FedEx Ground. Rush delivery is also available upon request.

It’s easy to order prescription pads and Rx paper from Us:

Providers of Tamper Resistant Prescription Pads

  • Order prescription pads Online with dynamic proofing
  • Download an Order form to Fax/Mail and include a sample for us to follow
  • Call us, and we’ll email or fax you an Order Form as well as answer any questions you may have.

*For multiple physicians, multiple addresses, or custom layout design, please contact us toll free at 1-800-510-1050. Also, you can use the “Order by Fax” feature on this web site. Certain limitations may apply, inquire for details.

**We do not print prescription pads/paper for the states of Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, and New York.


The design, manufacture and distribution of tamper resistant prescription pads is our only business. At National Rx Security we are dedicated to providing the best quality Rx pads at competitive prices.

Since 1992, National Rx Security has taken pride in providing a sense of security for physicians, not only for their professional welfare, but also for that of their practice. While the design of National Rx Security tamper resistant prescription pads has changed with the times with the introduction of new security features, the focus remains the same: to provide physicians with the highest form of counterfeit protection out there.


We work hard to halt prescription drug abuse by producing secure, custom tamper resistant prescription pads and prescription paper. Therefore, here are some additional security measures we take when accepting orders:

  • All orders require payment at the beginning
  • First time orders require proof of DEA and or License certificate prior to the order being produced
  • All New Jersey orders require proof of License with each order, and scripts can only be shipped to the address of the License on file with the state of New Jersey
  • We report all Florida orders to the state Department of Health

We at National Rx Security take these steps, among others, to ensure professional credibility from all who order and to protect providers from potential counterfeit actions. Rest assured, we have your best interest at heart. As always, we thank you for your continued business. Through our combined efforts we believe we are truly, “Working together for a better community.”

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