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In 2014, National Rx Security began selling HologramRx prescription pads from our sister company, ScriptShield. Providers who purchase these prescription pads enjoy the appearance of the distinctive hologram shield. Additionally, clients appreciate the enhanced, counterfeit-proof security of these scripts. The hologram shield appears silver on each script. However, when held to the light, the hologram may appear in color revealing the word ScriptShield on one side and HologramRx on the other side. Furthermore, additional security features are listed on the back of the script.

Elements of our HologramRx prescription pads:

  • Ultimate tamper resistant security with unique hologram on each script
  • Industry-standard security features
  • Single sheet or 2-part, carbonless copy Rx pads (Hologram does not appear on the carbonless copy)
  • Approved in all states except DE, IN, KY, NJ, NY, WA
  • Produced in vertical format, measuring 4 x 5.5″

How to buy your HologramRx prescription pads

There are two ways to order. Firstly, you can order online by selecting your state and the HologramRx product. Online ordering is made easier with ‘proof as you type’ functionality, and can support one provider, one address. Another way to order is by Fax/Mail. Ordering by Fax/Mail allows for customization, including multiple names and addresses.

As mentioned previously, you can also purchase HologramRx prescription pads on our sister site, ScriptShield.

HologramRx prescription pads

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