Navigating Our Site: Requested Documents

In recent weeks our blog series, ‘Navigating Our New Site,’ has covered topics that relate specifically to the new mobile-friendly navigation. This week’s topic, ‘Requested Documents,’ is not so much a new process, but its new positioning during the online ordering process has taken precedence, and so deserves a post unto itself.

You may notice that when placing an online order recently, there is a notation on the screen that reads, “DEA Certificate Copy: For first time orders, email a copy of your DEA certificate or medical license to or fax to 800-500-3060. Orders will not be processed without this information on file.” We ask for either of these records for first time orders to protect against illegitimate ordering.

This is not a new process for us. In the past, this notation appeared in a pop-up screen during checkout, but because of certain desktop preferences, it didn’t always show up for customers. We have received a great response to the new location of this information. Now, it is typical for us to receive copy of DEA or license from the provider shortly after his or her order confirmation comes through. (Thank you to all who have responded so quickly and positively!)

For providers in the state of New Jersey, there is an additional requested document. New Jersey Department of Health requires that a signature accompanies every single order, regardless of if it is a new order or a reorder. Because we cannot receive an online signature, we send a request for signature to every New Jersey online order, either by fax or through email. It is important to note for providers in New Jersey that an email confirmation stating that your order is being processed is not a confirmation that the signature page has been received. Please check fax and email for a direct request for signature from us. Only after faxing or emailing the signature page back to us, will we be able to begin processing your order.

Online ordering is fast and convenient, and we at National Rx Security feel that our added measures for requested documents not only ensure greater safety and compliance, but also provide increased peace of mind for our customers. If you have any questions about what documents to send and when, or if your documents have been received, please don’t hesitate to call 800-510-1050, or email We firmly believe, as our motto states, that we are all ‘Working Together for a Better Community.’


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