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To order Rx pads & Rx paper online, select your state from the list below.

*In Arizona and for Georgia Controlled-Substance Rx pads, sequential-numbering is mandated. Your online orders in these conditions will be sequentially numbered. To request sequential numbering in a state where it is not mandated by law, please contact us and we will send you the correct order form.

Who should order Rx Pads and Rx Paper Online?

Ordering Rx pads and prescription paper online is fast and easy in a variety of circumstances. If you are interested in ordering online, scan through our list below to see if your tamper resistant prescription pad or Rx paper needs fall into one of the following areas:

  • Standard layout, vertical format Rx pads
  • Secure prescription paper for your printer (EMR)
  • Single provider, single address tamper resistant prescription pads
  • Single and two-part carbonless copy Rx pads in various quantities (For security reasons, the white, second sheet of our two-part, carbonless copy script is completely blank and only transfers what is written on the script. No other information is preprinted or will appear on the second sheet)
  • HologramRx prescription pads
  • Ability to order more than one product to shopping cart, such as separate Rx scripts for different physicians, or adding prescription paper (EMR) to an order with Rx pads
  • Account creation for simple re-ordering

Who should order Rx Pads by Fax/Mail?

Some prescription pad orders are more easily submitted by downloading an order form and sending it by fax or through the mail. The list below is a sample of some of the conditions that make ordering by fax/mail more suitable:

  • Multiple physicians/multiple addresses on one prescription pad
  • Sequentially-numbered Rx scripts*
  • Horizontal format Rx pads
  • Custom layout design
  • Ability to pay with check (orders paid by check must be mailed with payment)

To order by Fax/Mail, please click here

Order Prescription Pads Online & EMR Paper from National Rx Security


Order Rx Pads Online & EMR Paper

National Rx Security tamper resistant prescriptions are all printed on secure prescription paper. All National Rx pads meet and exceed ALL Federal and State regulations* and may be printed as single sheet or 2 part, carbonless copy.

* Except DE, IN, KY, NJ, NY


HologramRx Pads

The Ultimate Script Security – The tamper resistant HologramRx Prescription Pad contains a unique hologram on each script, supplying the highest level of security. Approved in AZ, GA, FL, and all other States* printed as single sheet or 2 part, carbonless copy.

*Except CA, DE, IN, KY, NJ, NY, WA

RX PAPER (8.5″x11″)

EMR Prescription Paper

EMR paper is to be used in conjunction with computer printers. These tamper resistant 8 1/2″ X 11″ blank single sheets are not perforated nor continuous feed. The front of these tamper resistant EMR sheets is totally blank (except in FL). The reverse is printed with the tamper resistant security features that are contained on the EMR sheet.

*EMR paper is not available in KY, IN, DE, NJ, NY, WA.