Refund / Return Policy

We value our relationship with customers, providing industry-leading prescription pads with the highest form of counterfeit protection. We care about the professional welfare of providers and their practice, and we ensure that all prescription blanks and EMR paper meet and exceed Federal and State requirements. We strive for 100% accuracy, efficiency, and excellence in service among our clients with each order, and we make every effort to produce and deliver completed orders within our stated shipping times.

That being said, from time to time errors occur. It is our hope that, especially during these times, our customers feel that we rise to the occasion to ensure satisfaction. We feel that our client retention and decades of relationships reflect our commitment to customer service, and we thank our customers for their continued trust and business. Please continue reading for information with regard to our refund/return policy.

Personalized Product

Because each of our products is personalized to the requests of our customers, returning a product is often infeasible. Once the prescription pads have been printed, the paper cannot be re-used for another client. In these instances, we ask that imperfect paper or pads be destroyed by the customer in a secure way. Despite our product’s extensive, tamper-resistant security features, destruction of unusable prescriptions is necessary to avoid exposure and misuse of sensitive information. If you have any questions regarding how to destroy these products, please call us at 800-510-1050.

Please note that if you receive your order and a typographical error has been made on our part (contrary to what was submitted), or if we sent the incorrect type/quantity than was requested, we will reprint and resend your prescriptions at no charge.

Pre-Production Process

For orders placed online, customers have the opportunity to proof their order before payment. Once state, product, quantity and type is selected, customers will see the information they enter in the requested fields appear in place on the sample script shown. It is through this dynamic proofing process that customers can ensure accuracy of information submitted prior to the product being printed. The dynamic proof sample is also emailed immediately after payment in an order confirmation. If a customer notices an error in the information entered once receiving the order confirmation, we ask that he or she calls within the same business day as order placement to avoid the product being sent to production with an error. Please note that because of our rapid turnaround time, there is a small window to ‘catch’ an order before production.

If orders require that more information be printed than the fields allow online, or if a customer would prefer to place an order by email or fax, we follow the information that is included on the order form, and/or supplied in a sample script. If a specific orientation (such as horizontal), or layout is requested, these can be followed to the best of our ability. For orders of 4800/5000 and above, a sample proof will either be faxed or emailed to obtain approval. If the order has been printed by National Rx Security in the past, and there are no changes to be made on the script, orders of 4800/5000 and above will forego the proofing process unless otherwise requested.

For orders requiring specialized customization, such as preprints, or if the customer would like to receive a pre-production proof despite the quantity ordered, a charge of $75 is added to the cost of the order. A proof will then be emailed or faxed until an approval is obtained.

Refund/Return Policy

Under our refund/return policy, we will accept a return and will refund payment if you are unsatisfied because:

  1. The product received contains an error made on our part, (contrary to what was submitted) and the customer does not want to receive the corrected pads at no cost to him or her.
  2. The product received has material defects (rendering the pads useless) resulting from the shipping process, and the customer does not want to receive replacement pads at no cost to him or her.
  3. Legislation for required security features changes prior to our knowledge and implementation, and the product received is not acceptable by state law.
  4. Additionally, if a customer wishes to cancel an order prior to the order being sent to production, he or she may do so to receive a full refund. We require that this request be made on the phone or confirmed in an email. *Due to our rapid turnaround time, orders are sent to production the same day they are received, unless we require further information. Therefore, the time between placement of order and possible pre-production cancellation for full refund is between 2 and 4 hours.

How to Request and Process a Return/Refund

Please call 1-800-510-1050 or email us at for questions regarding return policy and refund information.

Return claims must be filed with the customer service department within 30 days of receiving your order. Sample scripts containing a typographical error on our part, or photos of defects resulting from the shipping process are requested with a claim.

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