We at National Rx Security offer rush prescription pad ordering. Delivery is as soon as next day in most circumstances. Should you find yourself in need of expedited printing and shipping, we can help.

How to Submit a Rush Rx Pad Order:

To expedite your delivery for rush printing and overnight shipping, there is a $50 additional handling fee as well as additional charges for overnight shipping. To place a rush on your Rx pad order,  follow these steps:

  • Call us first to notify us you will be submitting a rush order. Our phone number is 800-510-1050.
  • Download an order form and submit the order by fax or through email. Write clearly at the top of the form “RUSH $50.” This step verifies that you agree to pay the additional $50 handling fee. (If you call us first and notify us that you will submit the rush order online, we will confirm your consent of additional fees and keep an eye out for your order.)
  • Submit your order no later than 11am EST in order to be shipped the same day, and delivered next day. If a rush is requested after 11am EST, the order will be expedited the following day and overnighted to be received on the 3rd day from request.

Rush Prescription Pad Shipping and Handling

As mentioned above, rush orders incur an additional $50 handling fee that will be charged on top of the amount of your prescription pad order total amount. This handling fee covers the cost to clear our presses and place your order into production immediately.

We ship rush orders with overnight service*, to be delivered the next day. The default overnight shipping is ‘next day by 3pm.’ If you require your prescription pads before that window, please let us know, and we will select an earlier delivery. All overnight shipping costs are charged in addition to your total amount, including $50 rush handling.  

We only ship the minimum amount of your order overnight (800-1000 scripts). If you order more than 800 or 1000 scripts, the rest will be shipped via FedEx Ground. This is done as a courtesy to customers in order to keep the costs of overnight shipping lower.  

We aim to exceed expectations with our rush ordering service. If you require Rx pads expedited, please follow the steps above, and should you require any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to call us with your questions.


*Overnight shipping fees depend on the weight of the order, time of delivery requested, and location of delivery.

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