Secure Rx Pads


We have been producing secure Rx pads since our inception in 1992. Through the years, the design has progressed with the addition of more security features. These have been made to meet amendments to federal and state legislation regarding prescription pads and remain compliant for Medicare and Medicaid. When you order from National Rx Security, you can be sure that your script will conform to your current, legal state format.

Features of our Secure Rx Pads:

  • Competitively-priced, starting at $72.95 for 1000 scripts
  • Industry-standard tamper resistant security features
  • Approved and compliant in all states, except DE, IN, KY, NY
  • Vertical or horizontal formats available
  • Single sheet or 2-part, carbonless copy Rx pads (For security reasons, the white, second sheet of our two-part, carbonless copy script is completely blank and only transfers what is written on the script. No other information is preprinted or will appear on the second sheet)
  • Can be printed with sequential numbering for additional security*
  • Customizable with multiple addresses / multiple providers

How to order Secure Rx Pads

If you need prescription pads printed with one provider name and one address, you can Order Online. If you have multiple address, multiple providers, and/or would like customization, please Order by Fax/Mail. *For sequentially numbered scripts, please call us for an order form, 800-510-1050.

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