September is Pain Awareness Month

Each September is Pain Awareness Month, and organizations such as the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) are collaborating to raise public awareness of issues in the area of pain and pain management. Everyone is encouraged to talk about the issues – whether it be within the family, among the community, or at the governmental level. Healthcare professionals have a unique perspective and can offer valuable information to patients, the media, and local governments about key issues with regard to pain management.

All who suffer from pain should have access to appropriate and effective pain therapies, and oftentimes a first line of access is a healthcare professional. In order to best serve patients, physicians may seek out resources about pain management, such as those offered by ACPA. Such resources include a pain log tool, a quality of life scale, and pain maps of certain areas of the body. These can be found online at Many of the tools are such that they are appropriate for healthcare professionals to pass along to their patients for individual daily use at home.

A special resource available on the site for Pain Awareness Month is a relaxation video. To recommend, or you for self-relaxation visit

Information for this blog post was sourced from American Chronic Pain Association. ACPA is an organization that provides peer support and education in pain management. To learn more, visit

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