Sequential numbering is a security feature that appears on each script in a prescription pad. We offer sequential numbering as an add-on security feature for any state. (Please note: Sequentially numbered scripts are standard for Arizona and Georgia Schedule II.) We can add this security feature to both vertical and landscape format scripts.

How to Order Sequential Numbering on Your Rx Pads

If you would like to add sequential numbering to your Rx pads,* and you do not live in one of the states above, download one of the order forms below and submit it to us by Fax/Email.**

*For sequentially numbered scripts in the state of Washington, please call us, 800-510-1050.

**Any state other than Arizona or Georgia Schedule II must download an order form (These states can place an order online, or through order form). Presently, our online ordering system cannot accommodate requests for sequentially numbered scripts if you live outside of the states listed above.

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